There are many machines which still uses legacy Floppy Drives for program or parameters. Unfortunately it is getting more difficult to get new and reliable floppy disks these days.

NenTech has a lot of experience in retrofit a machine from a legacy Floppy Drive to an USB Floppy Emulator. This will make a huge improvement of the reliability of the machine. At the same time, making back-ups is getting way easier than it was.

In collaboration with the manufacturer Gotek in China and the software developer HxC did we improve this product for the industrial market.

NenTech can retrofit your machine from a legacy floppydrive to the NenTech Floppy Emulator as Turn-Key project with No-Cure, No-Pay* guarantee.

* When the Floppy Emulator is not working, costs for material and work are not calculated. Costs for traveling including traveling hours still have to be paid.

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NenTech Floppy Emulator for Kisters machine with PC020